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Rita Korodimas


My name is Rita Korodimas and I ‘m an English teacher. I’ve been teaching for over 30 years both in Greece and in Melbourne, Australia, where I was born, bred and educated. I’ve been working at G. Papas since the school’s very beginning, back in 1989. My academic qualifications include; a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology-Anthropology and as for my post-graduate studies I hold a Diploma in Education and a Level-3 Diploma in Interpreting/Translating.

In my line of work, I consider it imperative to keep up with new methodologies and advances in teaching and foreign language learning, and have been doing so throughout my career by attending workshops, seminars and courses affiliated with teaching English as a foreign language. I love teaching and love participating in my students’ learning. The motto that best expresses my sentiments on teaching is, “Teachers who love teaching, teach children who love learning”.

My philosophy of Teaching

The reason I became a teacher is because I enjoy learning and being amongst young people. I believe it is the role of an educator to empower students and to guide them in their learning. To achieve this, a teacher must provide a classroom environment where there is constant language exposure in an innovative, creative and fun manner. To me, all students ought to be enabled and encouraged to use the language they are taught in a variety of ways, so as to cover all students’ learning styles. That is why I am of the conviction that:

“…our job is to teach the students we have. Not the ones we would like to have.Those we have right now. All of them.” (Dr. Kevin Maxwell)

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